The Rocket 50 makes its mark on the world stage

In the years following the Guitar Player review, new opportunities opened up for Electroplex. Rockets were selling as fast as I could make them, and players around the world were asking for them.

In late 1996 the Stones were back in L.A. recording their “Bridges To Babylon” album. Since they liked using a Rocket 90 for their “Voodoo Lounge” album back in 1994, they were happy to get the use of a Rocket 50 4×10 combo this time around.

[Read more about this in Burned By The Stones] I was most fortunate to get a credit on the album, and of course, bragging rights at the next NAMM Show!

In August of 1998 veteran guitarist and showman Brian Ray purchased a Rocket 50 head. At the time Brian had a long list of credits, including a 14-year association with Etta James, then many others including Peter Frampton, Rita Coolidge and Johnny Holiday. Then in 2002 Brian landed a spot in Paul McCartney’s touring band, as second guitarist and bassist. While it was (and is) the “gig of a lifetime”, it really was a natural progression for Brian’s stellar career.

For his first two tours with Paul, Brian used two Rocket 50 heads, each with 4×12 cabs. The Rockets circled the globe twice with Brian, playing for Queen Elizabeth II at her 50-anniversary celebration. Afterwards, while giving Brian’s Rockets a check up, I pulled the Queens confetti out of the amps!

The second tour culminated with Paul’s historic concert in Red Square, Moscow, marking the first time American-made “Rockets” were seen in Red Square! [Read more about this in US Rockets Hit Red Square]

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