A new beginning, fulfilling a decade-old promise

During the “2000’s” I continued to follow the “amp biz” and was amazed at the continued growth of the business, and the great new products being developed. It was clear that the electric guitar was going to continue to dominate the musical instrument industry, and that great music was still being made by a new generation of guitarists.

In mid 2009, I left my full-time gig and considered retiring for several minutes. But I was driven by the strong desire to build Rockets again. I would receive several inquiries each month, even after being “dark” for almost 9 years. Plus, for the first time I could devote my full-time attention to Electroplex. It was impossible for me to pass up!

So by August of 2009 we were off and running. I started pilot production runs of the Rocket 50 and Rocket 35, concentrating on getting the same tone and response that the first-generation Rockets had. In March of 2010 I introduced the Rocket 22, a 22-watt monster using 6V6 power tubes. Then came two models using EL-34 power tubes: The Rocket 50-EL and the Rocket 35-EL.

In 2014 Electroplex celebrated its 20th anniversary with the introduction of the Rocket 42 ‘Chime Machine’—using four 6v6s for a unique blend of punch and chime—and the ‘TR-Series’ Rockets using a GZ34 tube rectifier.

This time around I’m planning on building amps for a long time, and I’m excited to see how far I can go with Electroplex!