Introduction of the Rocket 35, then a huge decision

By the latter half of 1997 I had decided to develop another Rocket model, smaller than the Rocket 50. More players were using lower-powered amps, from old Deluxes™ and Vibroluxes™ to AC-30’s™ and other class A models. So by the beginning of 1998, the Rocket 35 was released.

The Rocket 35 was available as a 1×12 or 2×10 combo, or as a head. Through the end of the ‘90’s it became more popular as players discovered it, however the Rocket 50 remained the flagship of the line, up through 2000.

By the year 2000 I found myself at a crossroads. Maintaining the business as a part-time moonlighting operation was becoming increasingly difficult. Demand for the Rockets was at an all-time high, and growing. And after working my day job I would spend every evening working on amps, sales and marketing and customer support for Electroplex. So it was time to “go big or go home”.

After many family discussions and internal reflection I decided to “momentarily” halt the building of the Rockets. I was growing more distant from my wife and children, and I felt strongly that I needed to make a concerted effort to regain the closeness and happiness that we enjoyed as a young family starting out. Looking back, I feel that that was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

So, after building and selling about 110 Rockets, I stopped production. I did, however, continue to service and support Electroplex customers, including Brian Ray during his tours with Paul. And I vowed to return to building again someday, though for several years it seemed like that might never happen. But happily, it has!

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