The Rocket 90: The “Monster” That Started It All!

We introduced our first model, the Rocket 90, back in 1994. It was an answer for those players who dug the clean spank and headroom of a Twin™, but wanted killer overdrive tones without blasting everyone from the room. Working with master guitar builder and hardware guru Trev Wilkinson, I developed the Rocket 90 to be a combination of sparkling clean tones and creamy overdrive with amazing punch and sustain—at any volume!

The Rocket 90’s range of tone and gain can virtually do it all: from crystal clear jazz tones, to spanky country picking, authoritative rock and blues with just a touch of “hair”, to raging overdrive that brings down the house. The Rocket 90 may well be the answer you’re looking for!

Specs & Such:

  • Output power: 90 watts, switchable to 50 watts.
  • Standard Rocket features include 2 switch-selectable channels, each with unique tone circuits, 2 independent effects loops, selectable 16, 8 or 4 ohm operation, tube-driven spring reverb, and line-level output.
  • Available in 2×12, 4×10 and 1×15 ‘combo’ configurations, and ‘head’ configuration.
  • Cabinet configurations include 2×12, 4×12 and 4×10.
  • Speaker options from Celestion, Jensen, Austin Speaker Works, Weber and Eminence.
  • Standard cabinet finishes include black w/ wheat grille, beige w/ burgundy grille. Custom colors available.

Tone “Lightyears From Ordinary!”