The Rocket 22: A Brawny Take on the “6V6” Amp!

When I set out to build the Rocket 22 I wanted to keep all of the “punch” and “spank” of the bigger Rockets, but at a power level that allowed players to get the output stage cranking at reasonable volume levels. Then players could add output overdrive colors to the broad array of Rocket preamp tones. The result would be a powerfully rich tone machine with stunning dynamics. In short, a guitar amplifier that one would play as a musical instrument.

I’m actually surprised how well the Rocket 22 meets these objectives. Whether operating at 22 watts, or in the 12-watt “low power” mode, the ‘22 has the Rocket drive, sparkle and attitude. And with its 6V6-powered output stage, the Rocket 22 takes on a distinctly American “tweediness” and chime. Plenty of old-school “spank and bite” for Strat™ and Tele™ players, yet with enough “punch and growl” to hold up to any humbucker.

I cordially invite you to audition a Rocket 22 with your favorite axe, and see just what 22 watts can do!

Specs & Such:

  • Output power: 22 watts, switchable to 12 watts
  • Standard Rocket features include 2 switch-selectable channels, each with unique tone circuits, 2 independent effects loops, selectable 16, 8 or 4 ohm operation, tube-driven spring reverb, and line-level output.
  • Available in 1×12, 2×12, 2×10, 4×10 and 1×15 ‘combo’ configurations, and head-and-cab configuration.
  • Speaker options from Celestion, Tone Tubby, Jensen, Austin Speaker Works, Weber and Eminence.
  • Standard cabinet finishes include black w/ wheat grille, beige w/ burgundy grille. Custom colors are also available.

Also available with GZ34 tube rectifier (Rocket 22/TR)

* “Strat” and “Tele” are registered trademarks of the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation.

Tone “Lightyears From Ordinary!”