The Danny Click signature model Rocket 42-DC was reviewed by Guitar Player Magazine for their March 2016 issue, and awarded it the coveted “Editor’s Pick Award”! Senior Editor and reviewer Art Thompson reviewed our Rocket 50 back in 1997 for Guitar Players’ Boutique Amp Shootout, and was pleased to have the opportunity to check out our latest offering in the Rocket 42-DC.

In the review Art says “as with other Electroplex amps we’ve tested the 42-DC delivers excellent tones with no fuss.” He goes on “it has clean tones to spare, and … a certain ‘vintageness’ to its soul. At higher levels the amp feels like it’s clawing to get off the leash, delivering ballsy, harmonically-rich grind that sounds badass for rhythm or solos.” You can read the full review here.

Singer, songwriter and gifted guitar “gunslinger” Danny Click worked closely with “Rocket Scientist” Don Morris over an 11 month span to make a Rocket 42 model he could call his own. Starting with the punch and chime from the 42’s quartet of 6V6 power tubes, Danny wanted an all-out performance amp with more headroom in the clean channel and a more stout power supply for a more immediate response for stinging Tele licks and commanding Les Paul growl. Oversized transformers from Mercury Magnetics and Heyboer Transformers, along with increased power supply filtering did the trick. Also, the overdrive channel was totally revoiced with a new tone circuit, creating Danny’s unique tone. Finally Danny designed a custom 1×15 rear-ported cabinet to handle the power and transients of the ’42-DC with grace and ease. The result is a performance amp through and through, with unique tone and power control–perfect when Danny plays out with his rocking band “The Hell Yeahs”; raising the roof wherever they play!

Our thanks to Art Thompson and Guitar Player Magazine for their insightful and colorful review of the Rocket 42-DC, and to the one-and-only Danny Click for making it all happen! You guys rock!!